1. Enquiry
  • Client contacts Individual
  • Client visits Individuals' showroom by appointment to briefly discuss design process alternatives
  • Client makes initial design appointment to discuss specific requirements at Individual's design studio

2. Initial appointment at design studio (no charge) - alow 1 to 2 hours

  • Please note the major purpose of this meeting is to ascertain client requirements in order to calculate budget estimate, befor the client commits to a Design Contract
  • Client brings in floor plan or sketches, photos, clippins etc
  • Discuss styles of project i.e.: country, period, modern, ultra modern, or contemporary etc
  • Discuss material types that are appropriate for style and budget i.e benchtops, doors
  • Consider handles, drawer systems, carcasse materials, splashback options
  • Detailed information on range types and cost implications
  • Discuss how the overall project costs are segmented, and what costs are invloved
  • Discuss improtance of appliance types and sizes
  • Design Contract fees and conditions are made
  • Clear (copies of Design Contract are handed to client)
  • All information is noted
  • From the above information Individual's designer can now determine a budget estimate
  • Individual will contact client with budget estimate (ball park figure)
  • If client decides to proceed further:
  • Client is advised to have researched appliances that are going to be incorporated into design before site meetign
  • An appointment is made with the client for the initial design consultation (at project site)

3. On site design consultation at project site - allow 2 to 3 hours 

  • Design Contract is signed by both parties
  • Deposit for Design fees are payable on signing of design contract, designer will have invoice with them
  • Budgets are discussed further and in more detail, i.e; Removal of walls, windows, doors and flooring etc
  • All aspects of design will be discussed i.e. colour schemes, lighting, shapes, forms and functions, practicality and aesthetics.  Appliance information is required at this time
  • (not necessarliy purchased, however brant types and model numbers and sizes are imperative
  • All fixed parameters and site conditions are taken into account, together with all measurements that effect the design

4. Project design documentation at design studio - allow 5 - 9 hours

  • Individual's designer will collate all relevant information discussed witht he client, and will create a concept design that meets the clients design brief
  • Concept drawings and brief specificatons are produced and printed for client approval
  • A quotation can now be produced from plans and specifications
  • Individual will contact client and and appointment will be made to meet with designer to discuss concept plans

5. Second design consultation at Design Studio - allow approximately 2 hours

  • Individual's designer and client sit down and discuss concept plans and quotation
  • Alterations are discussed and what impact they may have on project costs
  • If  no alterations are necessay then the client is supplied with a copy of concept documentation, including plans and specifications
  • If alterations are needed, the concept plans are modified and a third meeting is organised
  • At the completion of the concept design process the client will ave plans and specifications that suit their budget and design requirements.  On payment of the design agreement balance, all prepared documentation will become the property of the client
  • If the client desides to proceed to a Major Domestic Building Contract a deposit will be required and the documentation already produced will form part of the contract

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